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Cincinnati Christian University and the Cincinnati Christian University Bridge Program provide College Credit Plus (CCP), a new initiative authorized by the Ohio Department of Education. College Credit Plus provides more options for students to pursue rigorous academic coursework beyond the high school classroom. Under College Credit Plus, students can complete up to 30 credits per year and up to 120 credits total through their high school career.

Earning college credits while in high school can reduce the time and cost of attending college after high school.  College Credit Plus is a student-directed program. Students and their families can explore courses offered at all Ohio public colleges and participating private colleges for possible participation in College Credit Plus. Unlike the former programs like PSEO, College Credit Plus is open to all students beginning in the seventh grade and extends to the summer of their 12th grade year.  This includes students in public schools, private schools, and homeschooled students.  School districts are not permitted to restrict an otherwise qualified student’s participation in any way.

Ohio College Credit Plus (CCP) Students

Ohio public, private, and home school students are eligible to participate in the State’s CCP program. The State of Ohio may pay for up to 15 credit hours of coursework per semester, though funding for private school and home school students is not guaranteed.

To be eligible to participate in the CCP program, a Letter of Intent must be submitted to the Ohio Department of Education no later than April 1st of the year a student intends to participate. Submitting the letter of intent reserves funding but does not require the student to participate in the program. Thus, students are strongly encouraged to submit the letter of intent.

Intent to Participate Form

Non-Ohio College Credit Plus (CCP) Students

Non-Ohio students and Ohio student who do not meet the State’s declaration and participation requirements for the Ohio CCP program may still enjoy the benefits of the Bridge Academy at a significantly reduced cost.

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