Graduate Student Life

There are numerous opportunities for CCU graduate students to connect and build community.

Seminary Student Advocates (SSA)
The Seminary Student Advocates consists of students currently enrolled at Cincinnati Bible Seminary as well as a representative of the Seminary staff. These students serve as a collective voice of the student body to the administration of the Seminary. SSA meets together once a month to discuss student activities and concerns. Students should feel free to contact SSA members at

Various Student Forums
Pastoral Leadership Forum
Designed for Pastoral Leadership/Practical Ministries majors to discuss and critique current topics in their field of study. This forum is organized and led by the professors of the Pastoral Leadership department and is open to all Pastoral Leadership majors and to all interested in the material being presented.

American Association of Christian Counselors
The AACC is the student chapter of a national affiliation. It is organized and led by the elected president of the CCU AACC student chapter and is open to all students

Biblical Studies Forum
Designed for Biblical Studies majors to discuss and critique current topics in their field of study. It is organized and led by the professors of the Biblical Studies department.

Theological Studies Forum
Designed for Theological Studies majors to discuss and critique current topics in their field of study. It is organized and led by the head of the Theological Studies department.

One Hour
A time of fellowship and worship that is specifically designed for graduate students and based on Ephesians 4:1-6. Students have the opportunity to interact with each other and with faculty through worship and eating together. We often have special interdisciplinary presentations.

Other Campus Activities
As part of Cincinnati Christian University, graduate students share a campus with a diverse student body. Students are invited to participate in a variety of campus activities, such as intramural sports, intercollegiate athletics, and Missions Emphasis Week. Information about these events will be posted on bulletin boards, in the CBS News and in the Student Handbook.

Library Services
The George Mark Elliott Library, named in honor of one of our beloved former professors, provides the CCU community with the learning resources and services for their information and learning needs. The library has a collection of approximately 150,000 books (both print and electronic), microforms, audio-visual media and other kinds of resources. Students can use their CCU ID card to check out many of these items. Patrons can search the library’s holdings by using SCROLLS, the library’s online catalog. The library also provides access to a vast array of academic journals, both in print and electronic formats. Patrons may access over 100 research databases from the library’s website. These electronic resources are accessed virtually anywhere that students have internet access.

The G. M. Elliott Library also houses CCU’s archives collection where photographs, documents, and memorabilia pertaining to the history of Cincinnati Christian University are preserved.

The CCU Library offers a Graduate Reference Study Room. This room houses a book collection focused primarily in the areas of Biblical and theological studies. Resources are to be used in the study room and can be removed only with permission from the library staff. Two computers are provided in the room for study and research, and internet access is available. Graduate students can obtain their own key to the room by filling out an application and submitting a deposit of ten dollars. Graduate students who are working on theses or projects can also reserve a study carrel throughout the school year. Please contact the Public Services Librarian (244-8679) for help with obtaining a key or a study carrel.

The library participates in an organization called OhioLINK, which provides collaborative services for college and university libraries throughout the State of Ohio. This quick and efficient interlibrary loan service provides CCU library patrons with millions of information resources that supplement the materials in the campus library (

For information about area off-campus housing, please visit the Relocation Assistance page of the Graduate , or contact the Admissions Office at 1-800-949-4CCU (4228), ext. 8426.

The campus Bookstore provides a broad range of items including Bibles, commentaries, textbooks, school supplies, clothing, gift items, and health supplies. If you would like to place an order or find out if a particular item is available, visit the Bookstore website at  or call 1-800-949-4CCU (4228), ext. 8134, or (513) 244-8134.

Counseling Center
Students can receive counseling free of charge at the CCU Counseling Center located in Presidents Hall, next to the Development Office. The Center is a training clinic staffed by advanced students in the Master of Arts in Counseling program who are fully supervised by the counseling faculty. Medical and other off-campus professional referrals can also be made through the Center.
The Center is also available as an outreach to people of the community who are experiencing personal or relational problems, and who may want to address issues from a Christian perspective. The staff is committed to a holistic philosophy: that good health results from a balance in physical, psychological, relational, and spiritual factors. For more information visit Counseling Center page.

The Greater Cincinnati area offers great opportunities for employment. Our Alumni Office provides students a list of open ministries for those who wish to be involved in full-time or part-time ministry while furthering their education. The Alumni Office acts as a liaison between churches seeking ministers and ministers seeking churches. They also are the liaison for interim and occasional preaching opportunities. The Human Resources Office provides a list of available student positions on campus.

Although a position cannot be guaranteed, the Seminary will try to help the student as much as possible in seeking employment. A student can find out more about church-related employment by visiting the Career Services page of the Seminary website.