Campus Ministry & Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development Plan for College Students

The goal of the Spiritual Development Plan is to provide an environment at CCU where all of our students can “have the Bible in their heads and ministry in their hearts” no matter what degree program they pursue.

We expect all of our students to be on a path toward Christian maturity during their time at CCU, and we want to do whatever we can to encourage them. The guidelines put forth by the Spiritual Development Plan were done after much research by an 18-member Task Force of CCU students, faculty, and staff.

The following minimal expectations are required each semester from every full-time CCU undergraduate student:

  • Attend 15 CCU-sponsored corporate worship events (any combination of: chapel, “Family”, “Lauds”, Thursday Evening Scripture Reading, or other special CCU worship services).
  • Attend 8 small group meetings (at CCU or with your local church). Freshman and transfers are assigned a small group for the first year – all others find their own small group.
  • Complete 12 weekly (at least one hour) acts of systematic Christian Service every semester (with Whiz Kids, your local church or another approved service opportunity).

Students must keep track of their own participation in each area (worship, small groups and Christian service) and then report their involvement in these three areas at the end of each semester.

Students must complete eight semesters in these areas to graduate with a Bachelors Degree and four semesters to get an Associate Degree.

Any time you have any questions about the Spiritual Development Plan, feel free to contact Dan Burton or Bill Baumgardner.