Student Life At CCU

Students at Cincinnati Christian University engage in a unique education experience that extends beyond the classroom.

Even in a digitized world, the Bible maintains relevance to humanity. Since its inception, CCU has been devoted to the study of the Scriptures. CCU desires to prepare leaders for the marketplace and the church who possess a deeply-developed Christian perspective.

CCU embraces the Bible. All CCU students, regardless of major, engage in coursework in Bible and Theology. The faculty is comprised of people who believe in God and hold a high view of the Scriptures. Campus culture reveals a rhythm that encourages this: classes that begin with prayer; chapel services that unite hearts in praise; spiritual development groups that provide opportunities for personal reflection. The faculty, staff, and student body of CCU is committed to honoring the Lord.

Cities are places where people, ideas, and culture intersect. Perched atop a hill overlooking downtown Cincinnati, CCU is intentionally urban. Since 1924, the main campus has been nestled within the city, providing students a unique educational setting.

CCU embraces the city. This metropolitan location facilitates opportunities for CCU students to learn, to play, and to minister. It offers chances for collaboration among diverse cultural entities. It provides instant access to music, athletic, and entertainment venues. It presents endless possibilities to pursue issues of justice. The city of Cincinnati is an exceptional backdrop by which CCU students can learn to pursue a Christian lifestyle.

Life makes little sense unless it is wrapped in purpose. CCU prepares its students to engage the world with a calling that transcends vocation. This is realized through a holistic educational experience that extends far beyond the walls of a classroom.

CCU embraces mission. Faculty, staff, and coaches mentor students on their path towards Christian maturation. Humility is learned through service opportunities; global vision is honed by diverse interactions; leadership is sharpened by leveraging teachable moments. CCU prepares students for a life of glorifying the Lord with their talents.

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