Refund Policies

Federal Refund Policy for Financial Aid Recipients
Each student should follow the procedure established by the Registrar’s Office when withdrawing from any classes. Financial aid eligibility must be recalculated for students who withdraw entirely, are dismissed, or drop out prior to completing 60% of the term.

      The Official Withdrawal Date will be:

      • The date the student began CCU’s withdrawal process or officially notified CCU of intent to withdraw; or
      • The student’s last recorded date of attendance; or
      • The midpoint of the period for a student who leaves without notifying the institution.

The Official Withdrawal Date will be used to determine the amount of the federal refund. Refunds for students who are asked to withdraw will be calculated using the same refund calculation as the one for students who withdraw voluntarily.
If a student who is receiving financial aid withdraws from all classes (or leaves without notifying the institution) during the federal refund period, money will be returned to aid accounts in the following order:

          • Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan
          • Federal Direct Subsidized Loan
          • Federal Direct PLUS Loan
          • Federal Pell Grant
          • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
          • Other Federal Aid
          • State, Private, and Institutional Aid
          • Student

A letter detailing the student’s refund will be sent to his or her home address following withdrawal. When aid is returned, a debit balance may be owed to Cincinnati Christian University. The student should contact the Enrollment Services Office to make arrangements to pay any balance due.

CCU’s Institutional Refund Policy
Students who withdraw from classes will have their tuition refunded according to the following schedules:

Fall or Spring Semester Classes (including online and hybrid classes)

          • 100% Refund – Classes dropped before or during the first week of class
          • 75% Refund – Classes dropped during the second week of class
          • 50% Refund – Classes dropped during the third week of class
          • No Refund – Classes dropped during or after the fourth week of class

Non-Traditional Format Classes (including Early Fall, Early Spring, Summer, CAL, Concentrated MAR, 2-2-2, 3-3 Classes)

          • 100% Refund – Classes dropped on or before the first day of class
          • 75% Refund – Classes dropped on the second day of class
          • 50% Refund – Classes dropped on the third day of class
          • No Refund – Classes dropped after the third day of class

Tuition for performing groups, charges for applied music instruction, audit charges and all other fees are nonrefundable.

The Registrar’s Office will provide specific dates when these refund rates are applied. Through the first week of the semester, students may adjust their schedules online through my.CCU. After the first week of the semester, students must submit an official “Change in Registration” form to Enrollment Services. After the third week, the instructor’s signature is required on the form. This form must be presented in person to Enrollment Services. Changes in registrations are not official until the “Change in Registration” form is received. All refunds are calculated from the official date the form is received by Enrollment Services.

Room and Board Refund Policy

          • 100% Refund – Prior to first day of class
          • 90% Refund – During the first week of class
          • 75% Refund – During second week of class
          • 50% Refund – During third week of class
          • 40% Refund – During fourth week of class
          • No Refund – After fourth week of class

It is the responsibility of the student to notify the appropriate Resident Director and complete the required checkout process when vacating a room. A student who remains on campus after their last date of attendance will be held liable for room and board charges beyond that date. All refunds for room and board are calculated from the date checkout has been completed.

The Financial Aid Staff recalculates the financial aid eligibility for students who withdraw, are dismissed or drop out prior to completing 60% of a semester in accordance with the Federal Refund Policy. This recalculation may result in the return of financial aid funds to the student aid programs. Please refer to information above for details regarding the Federal Refund Policy.