CAL Grants & Scholarships

Family Grant
This Grant is applicable when more than one dependent student from within a family unit is enrolled as an undergraduate student at CCU. The Grant also applies when a married couple or a parent and dependent child are enrolled as undergraduate students at CCU. Dependency is based on the FAFSA definition. Criteria/requirements include:

  • Each family member must be accepted into an undergraduate degree program and attending full-time.
  • The Family Grant Application must be submitted for each term for which the Grant is to be awarded.
  • The Family Grant will not be applied to the student account until after the term Add/Drop period has ended.
  • The Family Grant cannot be used in combination with any Partner Church Scholarships.

Award amount: Each eligible family member will receive a grant of up to $1500 per semester to be applied to eligible tuition charges.

Endowment Scholarships
Cincinnati Christian University has received a number of gifts to establish permanently endowed scholarships. These scholarships are awarded to undergraduate and graduate students based on restrictions and requirements individually found within those scholarships. All students who are eligible based on the stated requirements will be considered automatically by the scholarship committee which will weigh Christian character, academic merit, and financial need to help make selections. Applications are available at the beginning of each semester. Awards are renewable provided a 2.50 GPA is maintained. Full-time enrollment also is required.