Account Payment, Procedures & Options

Upon registering for classes, housing, or meals at Cincinnati Christian University, you incur a financial obligation for the cost of those services and all related charges. This obligation can be adjusted only if you add, drop, or officially withdraw in accordance with CCU’s established policy. Failure to attend does not release you from this obligation.

Payment or a guaranteed payment arrangement is due approximately ten days prior to the start of each term. If you register after the payment due date for the term, then your payment is due upon registration. A late fee will be charged to all students who do not complete payment arrangements by the payment due date, and finance charges will be applied to unpaid balances at 1.25% per month (15% APR). In the event that you have an unpaid student account balance that is turned over to a collection agency, you will be responsible for paying the expenses and fees incurred in the collection of your account.

Students who have unpaid accounts or are delinquent with their payment plans will not be permitted to register for subsequent terms. An unpaid account balance also will preclude the assignment of grades, issuance of transcripts, and graduation.


All billing information is provided to students through a web-based Student Account Center (SAC) which is accessed through the My.CCU student portal. The SAC provides real-time updates of all student account activity including charges, financial aid and payments. Payments and payment plans can be initiated through the SAC. Each student will receive an email notification from with SAC registration information and instructions for setting up a profile. After completing the registration process, students will have the ability to share account access with parents, spouses or other sponsors.

Payment Options

Payment in Full: Available to all students. No interest is charged if the balance is paid in full by the published due date. Payment in full can be made through a combination of the following:

  • Awarded and accepted financial aid
  • Scholarships awarded by CCU
  • Online payment through the e-bill system or at
    • Credit card – Discover, MasterCard, and American Express. A convenience fee will be charged for online credit card payments.
    • ACH payment made directly from a checking or savings account. No convenience fee is charged for ACH payments.
  • Payment by mail – Checks made payable to CCU
  • Payment in person – Cash, check, or credit card. Credit cards accepted in the Enrollment Services Office include Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

Extended Payment Plan through Tuition Management Systems (TMS): Available to all students. This option allows monthly payments to be extended through the semester. An enrollment fee is charged.

Third-Party Payment: Students whose accounts will be paid by a third party must provide official documentation of this anticipated payment to CCU. Documentation must verify the amount of the scholarship or payment per semester and list any restrictions or additional requirements. Third-party payment sources may include:

  • Scholarship from a church or other organization
  • Assistance through a vocational rehabilitation agency
  • Military tuition assistance