MDiv Theological Studies

Master of Divinity – Theological Studies Concentration (90hrs)

(Please also note the description and outcomes of the MDiv degrees on the “Degree Description: MDiv” page)

Please note:
* For Graduates with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical or Theological Studies.
** For graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in an unrelated field.
# If an approved equivalent course has been completed, another course in this field may be taken.

Biblical Studies (36hrs)
**BSEG 500 Introduction to Biblical Studies (3)

**BSEG 510 Introduction to Biblical Interpretation (3)

*BSOT 600 Issues in Old Testament Criticism (3)

*BSNT 600 Issues in New Testament Criticism (3)

*BSEG 600 Issues in Biblical Interpretation (3)

BSCS Elective in Cultural Settings (3)

BSOT Elective in OT (3)

BSNT Elective in NT (3)

BSEG, BSCS, BSNT, BSOT, BSGK, BSHB Electives in Biblical Studies (*9, **12)

Biblical Language (9)

Select either
BSGK 510–11 New Testament Greek 1&2 (6)
BSHB 510–11 Biblical Hebrew 1&2 (6)

Select either
BSGK 611–21, 700 Greek Exegesis (3)
BSHB 611–21, 700 Hebrew Exegesis (3)

Please note: Students may test out of New Testament Greek 1&2 or Biblical Hebrew 1&2 by passing a qualifying exam in the relevant language, and then apply these hours to exegesis electives in the language of the qualifying exam.

Church History (9 hrs)
#HIST 500 Survey of Church History (3)

#HIST 530 History of the Restoration Movement (3)

HIST 560 Early Church History OR HIST 570 The Protestant Reformation (3)

Theological Studies (27 hrs)
DOCT 560 Doctrine of Grace (3)

DOCT 610 Foundations of Theology (3)

DOCT 620 Doctrine of God (3)

DOCT 630 Christology (3)

APOL 611, 612 or 713 Electives in Polemics (3)

ETHI 520, 530 or 540 Electives in Ethics (2)

DOCT, APOL, ETHI, Electives in Theological Studies: (10)

Practical Ministries (18 hrs)
PMIN 502 Spiritual Formation (3)

PMIN 501 Introduction to Vocational Ministry (3)

Choose Either:
PMIN 560 Characteristics of a Healthy Church (3)
PMIN 561 Biblical & Contemporary Dynamics of Church Development (3)

#PMN 520 Fundamentals of Biblical Communication (3)

Elective in Counseling, Educational & Family Ministries, or Intercultural (3)

PMN 792 SLE/SME (3)

Comprehensive Exams
The Oral Examination Application form is to be submitted to the Seminary’s Dean’s office by September 30 of the final school year. The examination is to be completed no later than April 1 of the intended graduation year.