MDiv Supervised Experience & Examinations

Supervised Leadership Experience (SLE) or Supervised Ministry Experience (SME)

All Master of Divinity students must complete a Supervised Ministry Experience, Practicum, or Internship as required by the student’s program. This requirement is designed to assist the student in integrating classroom experience with professional experience. One year of Seminary coursework or the equivalent (18 hours) is required to be completed before a student can register for SLE/SME unless otherwise mandated by the program curriculum. All Master of Arts (Religion) students may also complete a Supervised Leadership Experience, Practicum, or Internship.

Information on the SLE/SME experience, including the SLE/SME policies and procedures manual, can be obtained from our website, and by emailing the Director of Service Learning, Bill Baumgardner. The Director of Service Learning must be contacted, and all paperwork must be completed, in order to take part in an approved SLE/SME. It is the student’s responsibility to read the SLE/SME manual and fulfill the requirements set forth in that document.

Comprehensive Exams
All Master of Divinity students must complete the Comprehensive Exam. This is generally taken during the last academic year of the student’s enrollment, but may be taken earlier with permission by the academic advisor. The Comprehensive Examination Application form is to be submitted to the Seminary Dean’s office no later than September 30 and the examination scheduled and completed no later than April 1 of the intended graduation year.

The exam can be given in two parts. The first is a written exam and the second is an oral exam. For more details consult the Comprehensive Exam Procedures and Application available from the Seminary front desk.