MAC Internship, Review & Examination

Counseling Review and Examination
Each student must successfully complete the Comprehensive Review & Exam prior to graduation. The exam serves as the capstone project, demonstrating competency and mastery of the learning objectives of the MAC Program. The exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions and is administered via Moodle. There are nine core content areas:

  1. Helping Relationships (36 questions)
  2. Group Work (16 questions)
  3. Career Development (20 questions)
  4. Professional Orientation & Ethical Practice (29 questions)
  5. Research and Program Evaluation (16 questions)
  6. Assessment (20 questions)
  7. Social & Cultural Diversity (11 questions)
  8. Human Growth & Development (12 questions)
  9. Psychopathology (40 questions)

A passing score of 70% is required in each section. The Comprehensive Review & Exam must be completed by April 1st for May graduates and by November 1st for December graduates.

Each student must complete an internship experience (two semesters minimum) in which at least 600 hours of counseling services (240 hours of direct client service) is provided. Internships are served in faculty approved settings in which students provide clinical mental health services, including diagnosis and treatment planning under supervision.