Final examinations or equivalent work will be given in each class. A student who misses a final exam must make written application for a special make-up exam. Students must appeal to take the final exam within one month from the end of the semester. Forms for this appeal are available in the Registrar’s Office. If the appeal is denied, a grade of zero will be given for the exam and the appropriate course grade will be recorded. In some cases a student may be required to file an official grade extension, including payment of the fee before the make-up exam can be taken.

Students are normally required to take no more than two final examinations on a single day. If the schedule of final examinations requires a student to take three or more final exams on a single day, the student may reschedule one or more exams to other exam days during the week of final exams so that the student has no more than two exams on a single day. Students are responsible to make such arrangements with individual professors. They may refer problems in rescheduling exams to the Academic Dean of the College.