Graduate Degree Time Limitations

Each student has a maximum period of time in which to fulfill all degree requirements. This maximum period includes the degree’s capstone learning experiences (see the Graduate Degree Capstone Requirements page). The maximum time to complete CCU graduate degrees is as follows:
MAR: eight years
MAC: nine years
MDiv: ten years.

Students who take longer than the maximum period allowed, or over five years to complete a thesis, must petition the faculty for an extension of time.

The petition may be:

  • Granted with no penalty.
  • Granted with conditions, such as the stipulation that the student must apply for re-admission into his/her program. If re-admission is granted, the student will be subject to the current catalog and may expect to take additional course work.
  • Denied.

Students who have interrupted their course work for four consecutive semesters or more will have their credit hours evaluated by the following guidelines:

  • The student must apply for re-admission.
  • The student’s course of study must meet the requirements of the catalog that is in use at the time of re-admission.
  • The student must meet all course work and research requirements for the new degree.
  • Previous courses will be evaluated as transfer credit if they are more than ten years old. (See “Transfer of Credit.”)
  • Courses taken within the ten years prior to being admitted to a new degree program may be used toward the degree requirements if they meet a requirement for the new degree.
  • Students enrolling under these circumstances must develop with their advisor at the time of their first enrollment a plan to complete their degree in a timely manner. The proposal must be approved by (1) the student’s advisor, the department chair, or the field chair and (2) the relevant Dean.