Graduate Degree Progress

Students should complete the following steps in progress toward a degree:

  1. If you don’t know who your advisor is, contact the Registrar (registrar@ccuold.ny001.rndpxl.netor 513.244.8162) to find out. Then, contact your advisor to introduce yourself and outline your goals. If at any point you would like to change your stated degree goals, please discuss this with your advisor.
  2. Take a “Spiritual Formation” course in your first semester (this course must be taken in the first 12hrs of your degree):
    1. MAC students take “Spiritual Formation and Counseling” (COUN 502, 3 hrs).
    2. Seminary students take Spiritual Formation (PMIN 502 3 hours).
  3. Using your degree checksheet (found on, make a plan for how your degree will proceed; keep your advisor in the loop.
  4. Please note that only courses with a grade of C- or above will apply to the completion of your degree.
  5. Depending upon the degree being pursued, complete the required writing project or comprehensive exam. Procedure forms describing the requirements for a thesis, field research, or CERP option are available online or from the Graduate receptionist.
  6. Students pursuing the Master of Divinity degree must make arrangements with their advisor regarding the comprehensive exam by September 30 of the academic year in which they intend to graduate. A procedures form describing the requirements for the comprehensive exam is available On-Line or at the Graduate receptionist desk.
  7. Submit the Intent to Graduate form to the Registrar’s Office by the appropriate date for the term in which the student plans to graduate. Forms are generally due six months before the graduation date. December candidates should submit forms by the preceding May and May graduates should submit forms by the preceding September. Exact dates are posted online and in the Registrar’s Office. By November 1 of the academic year in which the degree is to be granted, students should meet with their advisor or Director of Enrollment to make sure the program is in order.