Graduate Academic Standing

Academic standing will be evaluated at the end of each Fall and Spring semester for full-time students. Part-time students will have academic standing reviewed after the completion of each 9 hours.

Summary of Academic Standing
2.67 Cumulative GPA plus a 3.0 in the Major field in order to graduate.
3.67 Semester GPA Dean’s List (9 hours or more)
2.67 Cumulative GPA Good Standing
Below 2.67 and above 2.33 Semester GPA Academic Warning
Below 2.33 Semester GPA Academic Probation
Above 2.67 Cumulative GPA Academic Probation

Full-time Student Status
Students taking nine or more hours of credit in any given academic semester are considered full-time students. Early Fall hours are counted toward the Fall semester total; Early Spring hours, toward the Spring semester total.

Part-time Student Status
Students are considered part-time when taking less than nine credit hours a semester. Students must take at least five hours to be considered half-time for financial aid purposes.

Dean’s List
The Dean’s List recognizes full-time students with semester GPA’s of 3.67 or better. Students receiving an extension for a course are not eligible for the Dean’s List that semester.

Good Standing
A student is in good standing with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.67.

Graduation Requirements
A student must achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.67 as well as achieve a GPA of 3.0 for the field of his or her major.

Academic Warning
Any student whose semester GPA falls below 2.67 but is above 2.33 will be placed on Academic Warning. Also a student who earns an “F” in any class will be placed on Academic Warning. While on Academic Warning students:

  • May not enroll in more than 12 hours per semester.
  • Will be required to have an advisor approve their registration (either through email or a phone call).

Academic Probation
Students will be placed on Academic Probation when:

  • Their semester GPA drops below 2.33 OR
  • Their cumulative GPA is below 2.67 OR
  • They earn an “F” in half or more of hours taken in one semester.

While on Academic Probation students:

  • May not enroll in more than 9 hours per semester.
  • May not enroll in directed study, online courses or Extra Curricular Learning Experiences (ECLE) without permission from their advisor and the dean.
  • May be required to repeat courses with grades lower than a “B-.”
  • Will be required to have an advisor approve their registration.
  • Will be required to complete extensions before enrolling in new courses.

Semester Suspension
Students failing to regain good standing after one semester of probation are placed on suspension.
Students who fail all classes in one semester will be placed on suspension.
Students on Semester Suspension may not enroll in any classes for one semester. They are automatically eligible to return after one semester. Students returning from Semester Suspension are on Probation and must follow probationary guidelines.

Year Long Suspension
Students who return from Semester Suspension and fail to regain good academic standing will be placed on a Year Long Suspension and be ineligible to take classes for a full academic year.
Students must reapply to CCU before enrolling in classes.