Extra-Curricular Learning Experience

Numerous learning opportunities beyond the classroom are available, particularly seminars in various areas of practical ministries or pastoral leadership. Recognizing the value and quality of some of these programs, CCU will grant graduate credit for extra-curricular learning activities under certain circumstances.

Clinical Pastoral Education credits consist of on-the-job training and evaluation. Since these are accredited programs, Graduate credit will be readily granted.

Learning opportunities provided through training centers, professional seminars, and other continuing education programs may qualify for academic credit when offered by agencies or persons with appropriate academic credentials.

Guidelines to receive graduate credit for extra-curricular learning experiences at CCU include the following:

  • Arrangements for graduate credit through the Pastoral Leadership department are to be made prior to participation in the activity.
  • A faculty supervisor will be appointed to work with the student to:
    • Determine the number of credits to be accepted.
    • Assign any supplementary readings, projects, or reports that should be completed.
    • Establish criteria for evidence of accomplishment.
  • Students will be allowed to register only after the above items have been determined and communicated to the Registrar’s office by the faculty supervisor.
  • A reduced tuition charge per credit hour will be charged for faculty supervision, processing, and recording credit.