Description of Graduate Course Formats

CCU seeks to make education available to as many students as possible. To accommodate the diverse needs of our students, CCU offers courses in a variety of formats.

MDiv On-Campus Course Requirement
Current accreditation standards require that MDiv students take 30 of the MDiv’s 90 hours as on-campus courses. MAR students do not have this restriction.

Traditional Semester Courses
These courses meet once a week for 15 weeks. One-credit-hour courses meet for 50 minutes, two-credit-hour courses for 1 hour and 40 minutes, and three-credit-hour courses for 2 hours and 40 minutes. Classes are usually scheduled on Mondays and Tuesdays, both during the day and in the evening. The Seminary and Graduate School offer traditional semester-long courses each Fall and Spring.

One-Week Intensive Courses
These courses are offered on the Cincinnati campus during Early Fall in August, Early Spring in January, and Summer in May. Courses meet Monday through Friday and for the equivalent class time of a 15 week semester course. (For a 3 credit course, students can expect to meet for approximately 38 hours.) Students are provided with ample break periods and lunch times.
In addition, week-long intensive courses are offered at distance education sites.

2-2-2 Courses
These courses meet two full consecutive days, three times during the semester.

Concentrated MAR
This program provides a one-day-a-week format that allows students to complete the MAR degree with a concentration in Leadership Studies in an appropriate time frame. These classes typically meet on Thursday evenings.

Indianapolis Extension Site
The Master of Arts (Religion) with a concentration in Pastoral Leadership is offered at the Indianapolis Campus. Most classes are offered in a Concentrated Program – a one-night-a-week 9-week-session or 2-2-2 format – as well as utilizing online, hybrid, ECLE, SLE/SME, and directed study courses.

Classes offered in Indianapolis may also be used to fulfill requirements in other degree programs. For more information please visit our CCU Indianapolis site page.

Online Courses
A selection of online courses are offered. Such courses, developed by CCU faculty, utilize electronic media to deliver via the internet a learning experience similar to the traditional classroom, but without requiring actual attendance. These courses utilize Canvas, an online learning management system, which is used extensively throughout the University for classes of all formats.

Hybrid Courses
These courses combine a semester of online learning with an intensive two-and-a-half day in-class meeting.

Directed Study
Regularly enrolled students at CCU must receive permission to take courses through directed study. These types of classes taken without permission will not count toward any degree at CCU. Students should contact Enrollment Services for details on how to receive permission for directed study classes.