Seminary/Graduate Studies

This section of the catalog houses the academic information for Cincinnati Christian University’s graduate programs, which includes offerings from Cincinnati Bible Seminary and the School of Education and Behavioral Sciences.

Description of Graduate Course Formats
Description of Grading Scales
Definitions of “Credit Hour” and “Semester”
Description of the MAR Degree
Description of the MDiv Degree
MAR Advanced Standing
MDiv Advanced Standing
Auditing A Course
Extra Curricular Learning Experience
Earning Multiple Seminary Degrees

Master of Arts in Counseling
MAR Biblical Studies
MAR Church History
MAR Leadership Studies: Church Growth/Church Planting
MAR Leadership Studies: Educational and Family Ministries
MAR Leadership Studies: Pastoral Care and Counseling
MAR Leadership Studies: Pastoral Leadership
MAR Leadership Studies: Urban and Intercultural
MAR Theology
MDiv Biblical Studies
MDiv Church History
MDiv Practical Ministries
MDiv Theology

Behavioral Studies
Biblical Studies
Ministry and Music
Theological Studies

Graduate Degree Time Limitations
Military Leave Policy
Medical Leave Policy
Approved Leave of Absence
Appeals and Special Requests
Non-Degree Seminary Students
Non-Discrimination Policy
Graduate Degree Capstone Requirements
MAR Research Options
MDiv Supervised Experience & Examinations
MAC Internship, Review & Examination

Registration Information and Procedures
Graduate Degree Progress
Interim Reports for Graduate Students
Course Syllabi
Classroom Conduct
Academic Support
Graduate Academic Standing
Grade Extensions for Late & Incomplete Work
Graduation Procedures
Graduate Exams