Bachelor’s degrees taken in the Russell School of Ministry (preaching & congregational, urban & intercultural, youth & children’s, and general ministry) require that a student complete an internship. Under the supervision of a full-time minister in the specific field of ministry, the student serves in a church, on the mission field, or with a para-church organization to link classroom theory and real-life situations. Ministry internships entail certain course prerequisites and are normally undertaken between the junior and senior years.

Two options are available for the length of ministry internships. Students are strongly encouraged to take a full-time internship for at least seven months (a summer plus a semester) for nine semester hours’ credit. Students whose circumstances do not permit a seven-month internship may complete a three-month, full-time internship for three semester hours’ credit. The 3 hour internship requires a practicum class to round out the additional seven-months.

In addition to course prerequisites, enrollment in a ministry internship requires completion of an application, an online seminar, and collaboration with the Director of Service Learning in placing the intern in an appropriate setting for service. Successful completion of the internship entails the completion of specific reading and writing assignments and the assembly of a portfolio along with activity in the full range of ministerial activities.

Certain other degrees also require internship experience or make it available as an option. Specifics are noted in the descriptions of degree requirements later in the catalog.

Churches and other organizations interested in having an intern serve with them should also contact the Director of Service Learning.