University Grading Scale

Grades will be given on a bases determined by the professor and announced to the class. These usually include daily work, tests, papers, the student’s attendance and participation in class, and the final examination.

The following table shows the University grade point system in use, but please note that, for some assignments professors may announce other percentage systems appropriate to the subject matter.

Letter Grade Grade Percentage Grade Points
A 95-100 4.00
A- 92-94 3.67
B+ 89-91 3.33
B 86-88 3.00
B- 83-85 2.67
C+ 80-82 2.33
C 77-79 2.00
C- 74-76 1.67
D+ 71-73 1.33
D 68-70 1.00
D- 65-67 0.67
F 0-64 0.00

What Letter Grades Mean 
A means exceptional work, outstanding or surpassing achievement of course objectives.
B means good work, substantial achievement of course.
C means acceptable work, essential achievement of course objectives.
D means marginal work, minimal or inadequate achievement of course objectives.
F means unacceptable work, failure of course objectives.

The following grades may also be assigned:
E (Extension) – Student received an official grade extension. This grade counts as an “F” until the work is completed. This grade is assigned by the Registrar after a student has submitted the necessary paperwork and the professor has approved the extension.

FA (Failure due to absences) – Student exceeded the credit hour limit for absences. This grade counts as an “F.”

N (No grade) -The grade of “N” is neutral and does not negatively affect a student’s GPA. The professor assigns this grade when he or she cannot submit the final grade due to the professor’s circumstances.

W  (Withdrawal) -This grade is assigned by the Registrar when a student officially withdraws from a course after the first week of the semester. The grade of “W” is neutral and does not negatively affect a student’s GPA.

X (Absent from the Final Examination) – This grade should remain only until the student has an opportunity to make up the final exam. This grade counts as an “F” until the exam is taken. The grade will become an “F” if the student does not take the exam by the deadline for grade extensions.

In certain courses, Credit / No Credit, instead of a letter grade, may be assigned by the instructor.

Grade reports are posted at the end of the semester on a secure web site to which individual students have confidential access. Printed copies of grade reports are available on request from the Registrar. Disputes about grades must be resolved by the end of the next semester. Grades that are not contested before that time are final.

Grades for credit transferred from recognized collegiate institutions are not considered a part of the student’s grade point average.

To compute grade point average, multiply the semester hours for each course by the quality point equivalent for the grade. then divide the sum of these grade points by the sum of the semester hours.