Traditional Undergraduate Course Formats

Traditional Semester Courses
These courses are offered during the spring and fall semesters each year. They meet during the week for 15 weeks. If a course is a “3 hour” course, then the course meets for three credit hours per week (3 x 50 minutes) for each week of the semester. If it is a “2 hour” course, then it meets for two hours per week, and so on.

The schedule of courses provided each semester to help students register for courses may have these meeting times configured in different ways. A “3 hour” course may meet for three, separate 50 minute sessions on three separate days, it may meet on two separate days per week, or it may be scheduled to meet for one longer session on one day. (We call these “Block Classes” and they are scheduled to provide breaks during the class meeting time.) Whatever the configuration, the time spent in class is the same: 50 minutes per week for 15 weeks for each credit hour.

One-Week Intensive Courses
These courses are offered during Early Fall in August, Early Spring in January, and Summer in May. Courses meet Monday through Friday and for the equivalent class time of a 15 week semester course. (For a 3 credit course, students can expect to meet for approximately 38 hours.) Students are provided with ample break periods and lunch times. Students can opt to take these courses as a way to organize their time better, to make up credit hours, or to get ahead in their degree.

Online Courses
Cincinnati Christian University offers a selection of online courses. Such courses use audio, video, and text materials developed by CCU professors, delivering the materials by such means as CD-ROM, DVD, and the internet, so that students can receive a learning experience similar to the classroom without classroom attendance. All CCU online courses use Canvas, a learning management system. This system is used extensively at CCU, so it should be familiar to students prior to taking online courses. Courses usually begin and end on the same calendar as traditional on-campus courses.

Directed Study
Regularly enrolled students at CCU must receive permission to take courses through directed study. These types of classes taken without permission will not count toward any degree at CCU. Students should contact Enrollment Services for details on how to receive permission for directed study classes.