College Graduation Honors

Graduating seniors are eligible for honors if they have completed 60 or more hours of coursework at CCU and have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.67 or above. Honors are calculated on the basis of class rank within the graduating class. Honors are calculated in the Spring Semester before final grades are recorded. Earned hours and GPA qualifications must be met at the time honors are calculated. Honor designations will not be changed after final grades are recorded.

The top 5% of the graduating class will graduate summa cum laude. The next 5% will be awarded the honor of magna cum laude. The next 5% will be awarded honors of cum laude. Not all students with a minimum GPA of 3.67 will necessarily be awarded honors. Only the top 15% will receive honors. A student in the top 15% but with a cumulative GPA below 3.67 will not be awarded honors.

Class ranking and determination of honors will be calculated separately for those Bachelor degree students who earn degrees through the traditional format and for those completing through the Center for Adult Learning and Leadership (CALL). Honor graduates will be indicated on the commencement program and by wearing of honor cords of designated colors.

An invitation for membership in the Delta Aleph Tau Society is extended to graduating seniors earning degrees through the traditional program who have earned at least ninety of their hours at CCU and whose overall grade point average is 3.67 or higher. The student must also meet the character requirements.

Class Representative
One student from the traditional undergraduate program and one student from the CALL program will be chosen by the respective faculty/administration of the programs to represent their class as a speaker at the commencement programs.