BS Music: Music & Worship (Composition)

Our graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Music are strong performers in their areas of specialization, and are capable general musicians with a good understanding of music and worship. They are experienced in music and worship ministry, and have a solid biblical foundation for ministry. Capable at planning and leading corporate worship with confidence, our graduates are aware of the need for balance and sensitivity. Each one is prepared to be an integral member of a ministry team in serving the church and shaping the world. 120 credit hours.


  • Develop musical skill in one area of performance specialization. WM1.1c
  • Integrate a foundation of musical skills. WM1.2b
  • >Communicate acumen of the understanding of music.  WM1.3


  • Demonstrate an ability to serve that is based on a desire for ministry in music and worship. WM2.1a
  • Demonstrate a solid biblical philosophy for music and worship ministry. WM2.2a


  • Design corporate worship experiences that grow out of a clear sense of historical and current influences on worship WM3.1
  • Demonstrate the ability to lead in corporate worship with confidence and sensitivity. WM3.2


  • Contribute to the overall ministry of the church as an integral member of a ministry team. WM5.1

Biblical & Theological Studies Core (30 hrs)

History & Literature of Israel (3hrs)
Jesus & The Church (3hrs)
Introduction to Biblical Interpretation (3hrs)
Modern Ethical Problems (2hrs)
Basic Bible Doctrines (4hrs)
Philosophy of Religion (3hrs)
Introduction to Evangelism (3hrs)
Seminar on the Bible & Culture (3hrs)
Theology of Worship (3 hrs)
Psalms Hymns & Spiritual Songs (3 hrs)

Arts & Sciences Core (39 hrs)

College English 1 (3 hrs)
College English 2 (3 hrs)
Music History & Literature 1 (3 hrs)
History of Christianity (3 hrs)
History of the Restoration Movement (3 hrs)
Public Speaking (3 hrs)
Mathematics Elective 100s or 200s (3 hrs)
Natural Science Electives 200s (3 hrs)
Technology Arts Electives 200s (3 hrs)
Introductory Psychology (3hrs)
Music Ministry in the Church (3 hrs)
Worship and the Arts (3 hrs)
Music in World Cultures (3 hrs)
Professional Studies in Music & Worship (51 hrs)
Music Theory 1 (3 hrs)
Musicianship 1 (1 hr)
Music Theory 2 (3 hrs)
Musicianship 2 (1 hr)
Music Theory 3 (3 hrs)
Musicianship 3 (1 hr)
Music Theory 4 (3 hrs)
Musicianship 4 (1 hr)
Integration Seminar (2 hrs)
Writing & Arranging for Worship (2 hrs)
Music History & Literature 2 (2 hrs)
Technology Arts Electives (3 hrs)
Conducting (2 hrs)
Advanced Conducting (2 hrs)
Orchestration (2 hrs)
Worship Studio Practicum (0 hrs, 2 semesters)
Worship Leadership (2 hrs)
Supervised Field Experience (0 hrs, 2 semesters)
Performing Ensembles (1 hrs, 6 semesters)
Non-Credit Ensembles (0 hrs, 2 semesters)
Vocal Techniques (1 hr)
Applied Composition Major (1 hr, 6 semesters)
Composition Studio (0 hrs, 6 semesters)
Advanced Level Approval (0 hrs)
Composition Half Recital (0 hrs)
Applied Minor (1 hr, 2 semesters)*
Instrumental Techniques (3 hrs)

*An applied minor can be taken in any applied area, as long as piano competency (MUAP 300p) has been passed.