BSE Early Childhood Education

Students completing this licensure program are certified to teach preschool – 3rd grade in public or private schools in the state of Ohio.  Courses in this degree program prepare teacher candidates by emphasizing theory of child development and practical application of teaching methods.  Methods courses utilize the Common Core State Standards and the Ohio Academic Content Standards.  Our goal is to help teacher candidates become caring, competent, and highly qualified educators.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Our graduates understand student learning and the development of all learners
  • Our graduates know their content area and understand how to deliver effective instruction to each individual student
  • Our graduates understand how to use varied assessments to inform instruction and ensure student learning
  • Our graduates demonstrate caring attitudes, which create environments that are conducive to learning for all students

Biblical & Theological Studies Core (30 hrs)

History & Literature of Israel (3hrs)
Jesus & The Church (3hrs)
Introduction to Biblical Interpretation (3hrs
Modern Ethical Problems (2hrs)
Basic Bible Doctrines (4hrs)
Philosophy of Religion (3hrs)
Introduction to Evangelism (3hrs)
Seminar on the Bible & Culture (3hrs)
Teaching as an Act of Love (3hrs)
Critical Issues in Education (3hrs)

Arts & Sciences Core (39 hrs)

College English 1 (3hrs)
College English 2 (3hrs)
Survey of Multicultural Literature (3hrs)
History of Christianity (3hrs)
History of the Restoration Movement (3hrs)
Public Speaking (3hrs)
Problem Solving & Numbers (3hrs)
Natural Science Elective 200s (3hrs)
Instructional Technology (3hrs)
Introduction to Psychology (3hrs)
Human Development & Learning (3hrs)
US History Elective (3hrs)
Children’s Literature (3hrs)

Education Core (58 hrs)

Geometry & Measurement (3hrs)
Introduction to Teaching (3hrs)
Storytelling (2hrs)
Integrating the Arts: Curriculum & Practice (3hrs)
Communication Development & Disorders (3hrs)
Teaching Students with Diverse Needs (3hrs)
Preschool Education Clinical Experience (3hrs)
Youth Health, Safety & Nutrition (1hr)
Theory & Practice in Educational Settings (3hrs)
Foundations of Reading (3hrs)
Social Studies for the Child (3hrs)
Mathematics for the Child (3hrs)
Science for the Child (3hrs)
Phonics & Linguistics (3hrs)
Reading Evaluation & Diagnosis (3hrs)
Classroom Management (4hrs)
Student Teaching Clinical Experience (12hrs)