BS in Biblical Studies, Plus AYA Integrated Science (Grades 7-12)

(Cooperative Teacher Licensure Program with Mount St. Joseph University)

Biblical & Theological Studies Core (30 hours)
History & Literature of Israel (3hrs)
Jesus & The Church (3hrs)
Introduction to Biblical Interpretation (3hrs)
Christian Ethics (3 hrs)
Basic Bible Doctrines (3 hrs)
Christian Apologetics (3hrs)
Introduction to Evangelism (3hrs)
Seminar on the Bible & Culture (3hrs)
Teaching as an Act of Love (3hrs)
Theological Themes in Film (3hrs)

Arts & Sciences Core (39 hours)
College English 1 & 2 (6 hrs)
Survey of Multicultural Literature (3hrs)
History of Christianity (3hrs)
History of the Restoration Movement (3hrs)
Public Speaking (3hrs)
Math elective 110 or 111 (3hrs)
Natural Science elective (3hrs)
Instructional Technology (3hrs)
Introduction to Psychology (3hrs)
Human Development & Learning (3hrs)
US History elective (3hrs)
Literature elective (ENGL 221 or ENGL 321, 3hrs)

Education Core
(Hours and courses determined through a collaboration between CCU and Mount St. Joseph University courses)

Educational Content Core
(Hours and courses determined by Mount St. Joseph University)