BME Vocal Track (Choral Music)

Our graduates in Music Education are skilled musical performers and capable general musicians with a good understanding of music. They are also ready to be professional-level music teachers in a wide variety of settings. They are missional educators with a biblical worldview who see that the way they help and value people is the way they serve and honor Christ.
149 credit hours (137 class hours + 12 hrs student teaching)


  • Demonstrate strong musical skill in one area of performance specialization. WM1.1b
  • Communicate acumen of the understanding of music. WM1.3
  • Demonstrate the application of music pedagogical skills. WM1.4


  • Demonstrate an understanding of music education as a life of service to Christ. WM2.1b
  • Demonstrate an ability to value every individual and to help each one reach his or her greatest potential. WM2.3


  • Integrate biblical and theological studies with general education. WM3.3
  • Demonstrate competence in the pedagogy required of professional music educators. WM3.4


  • Demonstrate vocational implementation of a variety of instructional strategies. WM4.2
  • Demonstrate vocational implementation of emerging technologies as an instructional strategy. WM4.3
  • Demonstrate the ability to teach at various levels. WM4.4
  • Demonstrate the use of appropriate methodologies and materials in instruction. WM4.5


  • Prepare for leadership roles in music among diverse populations within the church and community. WM5.2

Biblical & Theological Studies Core (30 hrs)

History & Literature of Israel (3hrs)
Jesus & The Church (3hrs)
Introduction to Biblical Interpretation (3hrs)
Modern Ethical Problems (2hrs)
Basic Bible Doctrines (4hrs)
Philosophy of Religion (3hrs)
Introduction to Evangelism (3hrs)
Seminar on the Bible & Culture (3hrs)
Theology of Worship (3 hrs)
Psalms Hymns & Spiritual Songs (210, 3 hrs)

Arts & Sciences Core (39 hrs)
College English 1 (3 hrs)
College English 2 (3 hrs)
Music in World Cultures (3 hrs)
Music History & Literature 1 (3 hrs)
Music History & Literature 2 (2 hrs)
Vocal Literature (1 hr)
History of Christianity (3 hrs)
History of the Restoration Movement (3 hrs)
Public Speaking (3 hrs)
Mathematics Elective 100s or 200s (3 hrs)
Natural Science Electives 200s (3 hrs)
Technology in the Music Classroom (1 hr)
Technology Arts Electives 100s (2 hrs)
Introductory Psychology (3hrs)
Human Development and Learning (3 hrs)

Professional Studies in Music & Education (68+12 hrs)

Music Theory 1 (3 hrs)
Musicianship 1 (1 hr)
Music Theory 2 (3 hrs)
Musicianship 2 (1 hr)
Music Theory 3 (3 hrs)
Musicianship 3 (1 hr)
Music Theory 4 (3 hrs)
Musicianship 4 (1 hr)
Orchestration (2 hrs)
Conducting (2 hrs)
Advanced Conducting (2 hrs)
Performing Ensembles (1 hrs, 6 semesters)
Non-Credit Ensembles (0 hrs, 2 semesters)
Advanced Vocal Techniques (2 hrs)
Applied Voice Major (2 hrs, 5 semesters)
Voice Studio (0 hrs, 6 semesters)
Advanced Level Approval (0 hrs)
Voice Half Recital (0 hrs)
Applied Minor Piano (1 hr, 4 semesters)
Piano Studio or Piano Proficiency Studio 100p or 101p (0 hrs, 4 semesters)
Piano Proficiency (0 hrs)
Introduction to Teaching (3 hrs)
Instrumental Techniques (3 hrs)
Instrumental Methods (2 hrs)
Choral Methods (1 hr)
Early and Middle Childhood Music Methods (3 hrs)
Music Methods for Secondary Schools (3 hrs)
Teaching Children with Diverse Needs (3 hrs)
Foundations in Reading (3 hrs)
NAfME Membership (0 hrs, 9 semesters)
Youth health and Safety certification (1 hrs)
Vocal Pedagogy (2 hrs)
Music Education Classroom Management with Clinical