BA Biblical Studies


The BA in Biblical Studies program is offered to students who want to excel in their understanding of the Bible and acquire an Arts degree that will prepare them for biblically based critical thinking in preparation for a range of career and ministry choices. When you take this degree, you learn about the social, historical, ideological and theological environments in which the various texts of the Bible were written; you learn to translate the Bible from its original languages; you learn both fundamental and advanced principles and methods of biblical interpretation;  you learn to critically evaluate theological conclusions and to present a coherent theology grounded in historical and linguistic realities; and you are taught how to critically evaluate contemporary culture and engage it from a well-informed biblical foundation. Furthermore, you are coached to become a good writer and communicator of your ideas, and to present your learning in a well-reasoned and compelling manner.

Expected Learning Outcomes:

  • Read and commentate upon the biblical text using a well-informed interpretive models.
  • Translate and exegete selected Greek or Hebrew Biblical texts.
  • Demonstrate competence in describing and demonstrating the process of forming theological ideas from the biblical text.
  • Demonstrate competence in research and writing in the field of Biblical Studies.

Biblical & Theological Studies Core

History & Literature of Israel (3hrs)
Jesus & The Church (3hrs)
Introduction to Biblical Interpretation (3hrs)
Modern Ethical Problems (2hrs)
Basic Bible Doctrines (4hrs)
Philosophy of Religion (3hrs)
Introduction to Evangelism (3hrs)
Seminar on the Bible & Culture (3hrs)

Arts & Sciences Core (39hrs)

College English 1 (3hrs)
College English 2 (3 hrs)
Survey of Multicultural Literature (3 hrs)
History of Christianity (3 hrs)
History of the Restoration Movement (3 hrs)
Public Speaking (3 hrs)
Mathematics Elective 100s or 200s (3 hrs)
Natural Science Electives 200s (6hrs)
Behavioral Science Electives (6 hrs)
Humanities Electives in ENGL, PHIL, HIST, or related fields (6 hrs)

Biblical Studies Major (45hrs)

New Testament Greek 1 (3 hrs)
New Testament Greek 2 (3hrs)
Biblical Hebrew 1 (3hrs)
Biblical Hebrew 2 (3hrs)
Greek or Hebrew Exegesis Electives (6hrs)
New Testament 200 Level (6hrs)
Old Testament 200 Level (6hrs)
Biblical Studies Electives (12hrs)
Senior Thesis (3hrs)

Open Electives (12hrs)

Open Electives (these hours may also be applied to an internship)