AA Psychology

The Associate of Arts degree in Psychology at Cincinnati Christian University develops student understanding of the scientific principles of the social sciences including research design, methodology and statistical analysis. Students are able to critically evaluate empirical support for psychological findings and understand how psychology can be applied to strengthen the individual and community. Additionally, students in this program understand the relationship between psychology and Biblical teaching, appreciate the diversity and uniqueness of the individual and develop a compassionate character and desire to serve others.

Biblical & Theological Studies Core (21 hours)

History and Literature of Israel (3 hrs)
Jesus and the Church (3 hrs)
Introduction to Biblical Interpretation (3 hrs)
Modern Ethical Problems (2 hrs)
Basic Bible Doctrines (4 hrs)
Philosophy of Religion (3 hrs)
Introduction to Evangelism (3 hrs)

Arts & Sciences Core (24 hours)

College English 1 (3 hrs)
College English (3 hrs)
Public Speaking (3 hrs)
Statistics (3 hrs)
Introductory Psychology (3 hrs)
Natural Science Elective (3 hrs)
Humanities Elective (3 hrs)
History of the Restoration Movement (3 hrs)

Psychology (24 hrs)

Developmental Psychology (3 hrs)
Theories of Psychotherapy (3 hrs)
Research in the Behavioral Sciences (3 hrs)
Psychology and the Bible Seminar (3 hrs)
Psychology Electives (12 hrs)
Any PSYC course, level 200 or above.
No more than two electives in the 250’s may be taken.