College Degree Time Limits

The College recognizes that not all students will be able to complete all degree requirements in the normal time frame suggested; that is: Associate’s degrees in two years, Bachelor’s degrees in four years except for some cooperative programs that take five or more years. The College has no specific time limitations for completion of degrees, but generally, Associate degrees should be completed within four years and Baccalaureate degrees within eight years.

When changes in existing degree programs are announced, students working under the current degree requirements must complete their degrees within the normal time frame plus one year. For example, a BS degree candidate in the third year of a program would have two more years to complete the requirements under the original program. If the degree is not complete within this time frame, the student would be required to satisfy the new degree requirements. Current students who do not enroll for three consecutive semesters will return under the catalog requirements in force when they are readmitted.