College Class Attendance

Since much of the education process occurs in the interactions of students and faculty with the curriculum, student attendance at class is required. Students with more than two weeks of absences in a particular course will receive the grade of “FA” (failure due to absences) in the class.

A student in a three-hour course that meets on three separate days would have six absences before failing the class. On the seventh miss, the student would receive the grade of “FA”. Two-hour classes that meet two days a week would have four absences, with the fifth absence resulting in the grade of “FA.” A student who misses more than two sessions of a one-day-a-week “block class” would fail the class due to absences on any additional absence from all or part of the class. Students who reach this level prior to the last four weeks of the semester may withdraw from the class and receive a “W” for the class.

When a student is failed in a course due to absences, reinstatement in the class is allowed only when the student’s absences were for legitimate reasons (e.g., illness, family emergency, college- sponsored travel). Reinstatement may also come with substantial penalties, including extra work or deduction in grade. Application for reinstatement begins with the Registrar’s office.

Students are required to keep records of each absence. Students applying for reinstatement must submit documentation about each absence.

A student should be aware that faculty members may penalize students for class absences prior to the two-week limit. Read the individual course syllabus for statements of such penalties. Absences within the allowed limits are not an entitlement for students. They should not be viewed as “personal days” but as “sick days.”

Coming to class late or leaving class early, without prior notification to the professor, may be counted as an absence. Penalties for tardiness or leaving early will be determined by the individual faculty member. See the individual course syllabus for specific information.