Approved Leave of Absence

Students in good academic standing who know they are going to be out of school for more than one year may apply for a Leave of Absence (LOA). The Admissions and Academic Standards Committee reviews all LOA requests. An approved LOA would allow students to return under old catalog requirements and would not require going through the entire admissions process. An LOA would apply to situations where students are required to put their education on hold for financial, medical, or military service reasons.

Students must apply for a LOA before the semester starts in which they would not be enrolled. Students may be required to provide documentation supporting the need for an LOA.. The LOA would be for a set amount of time. Students may ask for additional time if they apply before the first time period expires. Conditions may be placed on the student’s return. These conditions would be agreed upon by the student and the Admissions and Academic Standards Committee when the student applies for the LOA. Applications for an LOA are available in the Registrar’s Office.